Recent Work

Matthew T. Perry's work focuses on the collision of past and future; the glory of the ideals and aesthetics of mid-century America, and it's destruction. Creating artifacts of a hypothetical apocalypse held together by duct tape.

He uses a variety of techniques in an exploration of how destruction reduces things to their base elements: molecules, atoms, or even paint.

While focused on creating mood through color and variations in rendering, he hopes to capture a snap-shot of a greater narrative. In regard to narrative, Matthew is most interested by the mundane in-between moments in adventure stories. Those moments on the road: eating a meal, idle conversation, little anecdotes that drag you into a lived-in world; conduits for feelings of attachment and experience. It is his hope that he can touch some of this sensation in his own work.

Matthew currently lives in Los Angeles, working as both a painter and visual-effects artist for TV/Film.